People always tell me “Michal, whenever I call an Uber I cant seem to figure out which car is mine!” What’s up with that?

Well, ask no more!

No, really, I can imagine that finding your Uber in a bigger, more crowded city might be a problem. Was thinking if that ever happened to me but you know, there’s not that many cars on the street at 4 a.m.

“But they tell you the type of the car and license plate.” – you say.

Lets take the Czech Republic, for example. 1 out of 3 cars is a Skoda. Writing that your arriving car is a Skoda does not help that much. License place is much better, but if your eyesight is as bad as mine you might have a problem.

My proposal then is – Augmented reality. Uber should build a feature that when you start your phones camera it automatically puts a big sign above your car and thats it. It looks cool, helps you find it faster and, I don’t know, gives you one more place to promote your brand.

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