We got a new toy at work!

Well, I am not yet allowed to play with it, but already made some research and really looking forward to imagining all the possibilities. We talkin’ about MS Azure Machine learning!

Okay, so, apparently Microsoft, apart from the cloud, gives you algorithms to do machine learning on (over?) your data. We are (in a future far far away) planning to offer our users recommendations on products they might be interested in. And apparently machine learning is what is best suited for this task.

But that is not what I wanted to talk about. We were having a few corruption scandals with overpriced ICT machines (or something similar and hospital-y) and I was thinking- using these new widely available (and fairly cheap) tools it should be so much easier leveraging big data to find overpriced government contracts. There are thousands of them, which makes it impossible to go through manually. Yes, it is crowdsourced at this point, but a single person is not capable of finding all the hidden “links” between these contracts.

Machines can.

Hopefully I get access soon and maybe find out if it’s at all possible to do something like that.

It sounds fun.

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