I have written about my unpleasant experience with how LIDL does christmas charity HERE.

I was unhappy about the fact, that they made people uncomfortable asking for donations publicly in a line of people clearly listening to the conversation. Pushy tactics are the worst.

Well, they did not change much, but at least it’s more subtle than before. 2 days ago, when I went shopping there after a really long time, they did not ask for donations anymore. Instead, they asked you if you would like to round up your final sum, which usually meant 6-7 Kč. Much better.

When I was thinking about it, from a psychological point of view, the person does not have to think about the optimal amount of money to donate. And anything below 10 kc is too small of a sum for anyone to say no. I felt a lot less pressured than when they would just plain ask me for a donation. I would consider myself stingy giving only 5-6 Kc but just saying a quick yes (especially when paying by card) that just doesn’t hurt.

Well played, LIDL.



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