Today, I was looking for some interesting new Google+ communities to join. No, really, there are people actually using google+ from time to time. My favorite ones are:

  1. Google tag manager community
  2. Google analytics community

lots of active users and if you by any chance want to get super proficient in one of these 2 domains, this is the best place to find super specific marginal problems and questions people encounter.

But that is not what I wanted to talk about.

As most people already noticed, Google+ went full on Material Design some time ago. Some people love it, some people hate it,and most are just indifferent. I personally like the simplicity and ease of use when designing apps, as you do not need to be a good graphic designer to put together something that looks slick, clean and professional.

That is why I was really surprised seeing this after I tried to search for UX communities on Google+


google+ community


So, my problem was once I tried to show more UX communities. For some reason, I think it’s a valid point, I thought that the “MORE” text button for the Community section is this one:


Google+ community



It’s actually the one on top of the imagined Communities section area:

google+ community

The design is, by my opinion, so minimalistic that i couldn’t tell right away if the button is associated with the block above or the block below. And because of conventions I was expecting an action button to be below the are of focus.

Maybe it’s just me, but however long I look at it,it still does not make sense.

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