Recently, I’ve been reading this amazing and optimistic book . I got stuck on an idea about education that really resonated with me, partly because my mom is a teacher (math and computer science, what else) and she talks about these things a lot.

In Slovakia the grading system goes something like this – you have scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is the best and 5 trhe worst. In elementary and highschool you don’t get to write that many tests (well, it depends sometimes) and there is no extracurricular credit. So once you get a 5 you’re pretty much fucked for that semester.

It creates a lot of tension, I know it did for me. But in the book they proposed a different system – why not consider the semester as levels. Instead of giving you a negative grade you just get less points. So with each new test or activity you dont get a grade which in the end defines your average total grade, but instead you just add points and hit higher and higher tiers.

It’s the same thing, just a more positive and motivating mental model. I don’t know, for me this sounds so much better and more intuitive than punishing you by a grade that is inherently percieved as bad.

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