Few years back I tried to design the ultimate CV. I didn’t get why companies still require you to submit a ctructured CV (in .doc, , because PDF is apparently too cool). I wrote a post about all the things you can include in your cover letter that create a better picture of you as a person before, so I am not going to repeat myself here (twitter link, blog link, things you read etc.)

One of my suggestions was to attach a list of a persons RSS feed, somehow. At that time the only option I saw was to manually copy all the feeds to a google site and include the link. Last night I wondered though, why can’t mit be automated. Why doesn’t feedly (or any other service) provide you with an easy way to create a public dashboard flashin all them pretty and interesting RSS feeds you read on a daily basis (or not).

And of course, it would be a perfect way to integrate with linkedin. It already lets you share articles you like, in a very chaotic unordered way, and shows the groups you are part of. So why not the feed you read every single day? Its a standard web format…

I would definitely like that.

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