that sometimes things that suck for you can suck a little bit less.

If you are the kind of person (like me), who hates to travel you might not know exactly (again, like me) how to book a hotel. Well, I do know how to book one, but where would be the fun in that if it would not be the most optimal way, right.

I was supposed to go to a small music festival near Prague 2 weeks ago. As I only decided to go last minute my journey to find a place to stay was also very…last minute.

1. airbnb

My friends and I tried at first, of coure, but all the good and cheap places were already fully booked. The festival had no camping area and it was mostly just young people, so understandable.


I’ve decided to take care of this on my own and let other people deal with other stuff. So my second choice was one of the multitudes of czech booking websites á la Choices were plenty, found 2 reasonable ones and made a reservation. Happy as a clam.

How unpleasantly surprised I was to recieve an email 15 minutes later informing me that both options are fully booked. And then offering me a room twice as expensive! Because apparently the system is not updated in real time and the CC operators have to manually check every single request for reservation. Bummer.


I’ve never tried before eventhough I heard about it and read some interesting studies. It was obviously filled with nice and usefull design (did not expect less). Up to a point when I finally decided on a room and wasn’t even sure if that “make a reservation” button means an actual reservation or just a vacancy request.

Turned out to be an actual reservation. Because apparently the same word has two completely different meaning in czech and english…

Anyway, the thing that surprised (and delighted) me the most was an automatic update to my google calendar setting an appointment for my stay. Wasn’t even aware something like that is possible.


The only thing that prevents my ass from getting fired, the only thing that prevents me from getting killed by family members for forgetting their birthdays.

Just lovely…

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