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Anyway, while browsing the internet this morning (come on, it’s friday) I stumbled upon an article about how to make your own AI personal assistant. Here, actually. The personal assistant is based on a service called Api.ai. Don’t know much about it, not sure if I even have the mental power to finish reading that tutorial article, but…

I was going through their website, primarily because I wanted to find out who owns/operates the service (Google, apparently) when I noticed a pricing link in the top left corner. Thought to myself, fuck, it is going to be some shitty limited freemium account that is just going to suck. But to my surprise, all the page contained was this piece of information:

AI pricing

api.ai pricing is free

Such a brilliant idea. I often have the problem that when I can’t find the pricing page for a service I automatically asume that it’s shady. Or that the price is so high they don’t want people to see it unless they’re completely hook. Finding the pricing link prominently in the upper part of the website assured me that they are not trying to hide anything.  And the explicit information saying that the service is free was just an extra pleasant surprise. Next time working on a free service definitely going to add such a pricing page. Can’t hurt.

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