I started to go swimming lately. To be healthy or something. The swimming pool I go to is so obviously government owned it hurts my feelings. Walls are plastered with signs that prohibit so many things (with so many exclamation marks) I feel like I’m breaking the rules just by entering the building.

There is one thing that is super common with any pool you go to. Locker deposit. You know, when you want to use a locker you need to give them money in order to use the key, with the money being returned to you upon leaving the pool?

It’s so unnecessary.

Seriously, how often does it happen that people steal a key? One in 1000 visitors? And how often do the people do not have the money to pay for a lost key? Just think about it, most people who can afford to go swimming are probably normal middle class people who would feel utterly ashamed if something like that happened. And just because of these very few people everyone else gets bullied by having to give them cash, or an ID. Swimming pools should really abolish this practice.

At least the ones that are not owned by the city/government. Make my visit a little bit easier.

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