I was writing about my experiences with setting up O2 internet a while ago (never again). They managed to send my modem 700 km away to Slovakia (which is still my permanent residence) instead of my Prague address. I did not really care, because I got my own modem and kind of forgot about the situation. Problem is I thought I am still paying for it, and as I am paying for it I might as well get it from them and sell it later on. Or something.

Customer service hotlines for mobile operators generally do not really work here. It takes 5-7 minutes to get someone on the line, takes forever to solve the situation and of course there is all those canned sentences they are obligated to ask you – cross-sell, up-sell etc.

So I decided to try their online chat option.

My conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello, I ordered my modem a while back but it never arrived because the lady at the store decided to send it to Slovakia instead of my current Prague address. I would like to have it shipped again, this time to my Prague address please.

Operator: We don’t ship outside of Czech Republic.

(First of all- what the hell! Who is the customer here? I don’t want to know that I’m wrong, I want the situation solved!)

Me: Ok, it was just an assumption on my side. Can you please check and send it anyway?

Operator: Do you want to pay for it monthly or yearly?

Me: I’m already paying for it monthly…

Operator: In case it got returned to us we are not charging you for the modem

Me: Great, forget about it then, got my own one already.

And this is how O2 lost 900 kc in revenue. They did a shitty move not telling me that i don’t have to order the modem in the first place (boo), but also didn’t tell me that I’m not charged for it in case i never recieved it. Not sure how to feel about the situation…

I was pretty sure that they shipped it to a wrong address, so I went through my emails, found the one saying that they tried to send it to address XY. And then I saw it. And couldn’t believe my eyes. They tried to send the modem to my Slovak street name and number, with a Prague zip code (???) and to a village in the Czech Republic with the same name as the city I’m from. I still don’t understand how that could be possible. I was speaking slovak, my street name is obviously not czech.

Guess the store clerk just didn’t care…

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